There is NOTHING quite like
           IW puppy breath!
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This is NOT a current litter, but  is an example of variation in color in puppies ... although they are all fairly dark, the two in the middle have no brindle markings, so they will lighten into some shade of wheaten.   The two on the outside have brindle markings, so although they will lighten the first year or so as they get bigger, they will eventually darken into some shade of grey and continue to darken throughout their lives.
An example of rapid growth in IW puppies...the puppy on the right is 4 weeks old while the puppy on the left is 10 weeks old.
  Puppies stay for ten to twelve weeks of age so that they are well started nutritionally, socially, have been wormed, vaccinated and tested for liver shunt.  This is all in compliance with the code of ethical conduct for responsible breeders as suggested by the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.
Before you even think about adding an Irish Wolfhound puppy to your family, please read the information provided on the national club website at                 All dogs are wonderful and (in my humble opinion) no home should be without at least one.  However, an Irish Wolfhound is unique and with it comes some special joys and also some special challenges.  Make sure you are ready to commit to the responsibility of life with one of these special creatures.  Another good article with food for thought before adding an Irish Wolfhound to your family can be found at
Because a singleton puppy has no littermates to snuggle with, this puppy has an adopted "sibling" for comfort. Charm at 2 weeks.
Although certainly a great and protective mother to her puppy, Nuala knows and loves our granddaughter, McKenna and has allowed her to visit in the whelping box with her previous puppies as well.   
A sweet moment.
Irish Wolfhounds have the most rapid rate of growth of any breed of dog during the first six months of their lives.  It is common for a male puppy to go from 1# at birth to 30# before the new owner receives him at 10-12 weeks of age to 100# by six months of age.  During this time, proper nutrition and careful exercise and management are CRITICAL for optimum physical and emotional development.  It is vitally important for wolfhound puppies to receive lots of correct and frequent socialization to new sights, sounds, smells, locations, animals and people.  This is not a good breed choice for busy people where everyone in the household works or attends school away from home many hours each day.  If you want a wolfhound, but are not at a place in your life when you can invest much time, energy and money to your new puppy, then perhaps you should put your dream on hold until you can.
This is an example of quality wolfhound puppies from the famous Ambleside line.  Our Carroy bloodlines come from Ambleside through Fleetwind for more than 100 years of careful breeding.

Carroy Caoilainn McAndrew   (KayLynne) shown here with her 12  babies by Silver Grand Champion Fleetwind Carroy Cosgrove Con'an. 
 This litter was highly desired.  12 lucky families around the country were able to enjoy one of these babies carefully selected for each home.  Reputable breeders do not necessarily allow a first come- first served approach to puppy placement, nor do they charge extra for this right.  The breeder, who has lived with and observed their babies for 10-12 weeks is much better able to select the best puppy for each situation than someone who sees them for a few minutes.

This page is intended to educate you about puppies.  It is NOT offering puppies for sale!