After serving as the senior dog trainer in Mariposa County for 37 years, in 2017 I decided it was time to scale back a little.  I no longer offer group training classes.  I am, however, available to help you with your training and canine behavior issues.

  Starting a new puppy off on the right foot.
  Good manners training for the family pet.
  Competition training for CGC, obedience, rally or conformation.
  Certification training for Therapy, Support or Service Dog.
  Conformation/handling training for dog shows.
  Dog-to-dog socialization and play dates at the Animal Care Center.

Private lessons to work one-on-one with you and your dog can be scheduled at a time and place convenient for you. The standard charge for private lessons is $30/half hour. The initial lesson usually lasts one hour. Lessons held at the Animal Care Center or at Woodland Park incur no extra charge for my travel. Lessons held at your home or other locale will have an additional fee of $30 or more for my round trip travel time. Lessons can be scheduled to fit your needs. Sometimes only a single lesson to get you started in the right direction is all you need. Other owners wish to schedule a series of lessons for more complete training.  

Another type of one-on-one help may come in the form of email or telephone consultations. Telephone or email consults are charged at a rate of $10 for the initial contact and $5.00 for subsequent contacts regarding the same issue. This approach may work well when you have questions about dogs I already know or for owners who just have questions which may not relate to a specific dog: Examples include:  
  1. Advice regarding what type of dog would best fit my lifestyle and where can I find one?
  2. What is the best way to potty train my new puppy?
  3. What is the difference between a Therapy Dog, an Emotional Support Dog or a Service Dog and how can I train and certify my dog for one of these purposes? What are my legal rights and responsibilities if I have a dog for one of these uses?

Evaluation of behavioral issues and development of a treatment plan are also available. Depending on the issues which concern you, I sometimes ask that your dog board with me for 3-7 days so that I can get to know him/her to see what the issues are, what your dog's "triggers" are and how best to proceed with this particular dog. The charge for this type of evaluation is the usual daily boarding rate of $30/day plus a $60 consultation appointment to discuss the findings and plan. In other cases, an in home consultation may be recommended, especially when the issue involves pack dynamics with multiple pets. The charge for this type of consultation is $60/hour from the time I leave the Animal Care Center until I return.

A basic obedience training manual is available for purchase. This includes the weekly handouts which I have developed over many years of teaching this class. The handouts cover how dogs learn, dispelling some basic misconceptions about dog training, and instructions for teaching the basic commands every family pet should understand. The price is $10 if I email it to you as an attachment or $15 if it is printed and mailed to you.

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